Services for companies


We work as legal partners of several companies in the province of Nuoro, offering legal protection services, legal advice, criminal law protection, city planning, tax litigation assistance, corporate litigation, bankruptcy law and business acquisition.

For more information on all our services, please contact us through the form provided in the Contacts section of the site.

Debt collection

We take legal action for debt recovery and bankruptcy disputes by companies.

Trademarks and licences

cause civili

We offer advice and legal assistance in the event of theft or misappropriation of trademarks and patents.

We are excellent business consultants, able to advise you on the best solutions to protect your ideas.

The law firm Gregu, headquartered in Nuoro, provides legal services throughout the province of Nuoro and, in particular, in the municipalities of Oliena, Orosei and Dorgali

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